• Image of Dear Brown Girl: Letters of life & love

What started as a simple collection of letters and reminders for my nieces increasingly grew into a heartfelt call of love and support to brown girls across the globe. These letters were no longer just reminders to my young nieces. They were a reality check to myself. They were speaking an emotional language to my own adult heart, and the conversation was long overdue. These were the motivating words often unspoken by our loved ones, and the “not so cookie cutter” life lessons our parents didn’t always teach us, or let us overhear, due to the content being “too grown”.

So many of us have roughly fallen face first into tough circumstances we weren't prepared for. So many young girls are given the basics, yet sheltered from the topics and advice we truly need to be equipped with in the youth to young adult transition.This causes many to struggle with healing, maintaining healthy relationships, and self esteem, even in their adult years. My goal is to help change that narrative and begin a conversation that inspires growth,empowerment, and restoration in brown girls of all ages.

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