• Image of The Year Of I AM: 365 Affirmations to help you get out of your own way & slay your year

We tend to underestimate the power of words and the positivity or negativity they possess that can completely change our lives. Words have the power to help you create a different mindset, which in turn can help you create the lifestyle and journey you desire. What we continue to train our minds to think and our mouths to speak manifests into our daily living. Why not choose to manifest positivity, success, and happiness?Karlicia Lewis realized the power of words and positive self-talk during a time when she felt life was spiraling out of control. She began to write herself notes of customized affirmations, placing them everywhere she frequented throughout the day, in order to have reminders of where she wanted to be. With consistency, perseverance, and a will to get to whom she aspired to be, she turned those words of hope into her reality. Karlicia is incorporating those customized affirmations into a 365-day journal that empowers others to take control of their life one day at a time. These affirmations address declarations about decision making, finances, positivity, relationships, self-esteem, success, and much more. Make your next year your best year with the help of this valuable resource! The truth is we won’t ever have this thing called life completely figured out, but we can work to develop great ways to make it one heck of a journey! Affirmations are a great place to start. When affirmations are used the correct way, they can be an extremely powerful tool for growth. It’s not just about throwing a lot of cheesy, positive words together. It’s about giving yourself daily reminders of where you are, where you want to be, and making the power of positive words work for you. This WILL be your year. It’s time to begin thinking like it and declaring it into existence.